Form Redeployed Caused All Data Deletion

Hi hope this finds you well. I have two current forms that are collecting data and this morning I added a section of questions to the forms and redeployed. The old questions variables were not edited and the new questions have new variables (name column). Once I redeployed the form all the data from the previously submitted forms looks like it has been deleted. The forms are present but the data columns are blank. Please help.

server: Research Server
userid: xxxxxxx
Form Name: Sector Experts Stakeholders Consultation Survey Questions


Welcome back to the community, @joelrhine! Could you also tell us the variables you assume the data is missing? Maybe you could also self-check by scanning all the variables from the left to the right of your Table View. The data/ variable should be somewhere there. Or, as a quick check, you could also download your data to investigate it quickly.

Hi @Kal_Lam, thanks for your response. I know realize that I replaced and uploaded another form in place of the old form with data and that’s why the data was lost. Is there any way to reverse this action and retrieve the data.

I replaced the Sector Experts Survey with Non Experts Survey and deployed.


Hi @Kal_Lam, I just replaced and redeployed the correct form and I can now see the data in the Tables. Thank you anyways!