Form syntax error

Please I don’t understand why this error: Error: ODK Validate Errors:

Something broke the parser. See above for a hint.
org.javarosa.xpath.XPathUnsupportedException: XPath evaluation: unsupported construct [filter expression: {path-expr:{filt-expr:{str:'Plot: '},{}},{{step:child,data},{step:child,group_respdetails},{step:child,wichplot}}}]
What am I doing wrong?

Welcome back to the community, @edero! Would you mind having a look at J14? Could not understand this if-statement:

if(${plotorpot}='plot',"Plot: " ${wichplot},"Pot: " ${wichplot})

When I replaced this expression simply with ${wichplot} it worked smoothly. So the issue comes from your if-statement listed above.

okay; let me have a look

I wanted the J14 to automatically display the plot number when when plot is chosen or pot number if pot is chosen! Like when I choose plot and plot_no. is 3 then J14 should make it display plot: 3 ( "Plot: " ${wichplot})

For J14, I’ve used concat to show the plot and pot numbers and it has deployed now
if(${plotorpot}=‘plot’,concat('Plot: ', ${wichplot}),concat('Pot: ',${wichplot}))

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