Form unable to deploy! Server error (500)

Hi Kal Lam,

Hope this message finds you well.
I have an issue with my project. It says, unable to deploy.

Below is the information about the project:
username: xxxxxxx (my community’s user account)
project: Penilaian Ketangguhan Desa - Region Sumatera

I also enclosed the xlsx version of the form, hope it’ll be any help to investigate.
Hope to hear from your end.


1. Penilaian Ketangguhan Desa - Region Sumatera.xlsx (1.0 MB)

Welcome back to the community, @midoen! Maybe you will need to drop down the use of - and use _ instead.


So try using 212_trumon_timur instead of 212-trumon_timur and that should solve your issue. Please note, once you make these changes you may also have to adjust the same in your survey tab.

Hi Kal Lam,

Thank you for your response.
I have followed up as per your suggestion, but it seems that the problem remains.

Would you please share another suggestion?

My intention on this form is to create some sort of Question Matrix, based on the reference below:

Am I correct to apply it as the file attachment?


@midoen, maybe for ease you could always use the matrix question from the form builder UI. That’s much easy to create.