Forms saved from the web

Buenas tardes, quisiera saber en qué parte de la plataforma quedan los formularios que se diligencian en la web y que uno no envía sino que le da “guardar borrador”.

Muchas gracias.

Hi @danielarodriguez,

Those records collected through Enketo (web form) are stored inside your web browser until there is an internet connection and they can be uploaded to the server (KoBoToolbox). They remain there even if you go offline or if you shut down your computer or laptop.

Queued records can be seen on Enketo’s side bar with a list of records and their upload status as shown in the image below:

Queued records are uploaded automatically in the background (automatically in a certain time interval), when the web page is open and an Internet connection is available. However, you could also force an upload in between automatic attempts, by simply clicking the Upload button.

Please note: It is highly recommended, that you submit or export your saved records as soon as they are finalized. If your browser data is cleared before you are able to submit or export your saved records, you risk losing all your queued data.

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