Forms shared across accounts does not appear on mobile device

Forms shared across account does not appear on mobile device. i.e. Account A grants permission to Account B, to edit a form. When account B downloads the form on a mobile device, the form does not appear. how can this be resolved? any leads!

Welcome to the community, @kiyimba! Your issue should be solved if you configure your Collect android app as outlined in the post discussed previously:

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Thank you lots for the information. However, what you have shared works well when downloading forms from the account that designed the form but if permission has been granted by another account (A) to account (B), the form does not appear if you use account B’s username to download the from on the mobile.

It should work. Did it not work for you? Could you share with us the screenshot from your General Settings>Server? Maybe we should be able to troubleshoot.

Oh thank you, it worked

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I have another issues, i get an error of generic exception: connection manager has been shut down, see photo here what could be the issues

Could you share with us the screenshot of your General Settings>Server? This should help us understand the setting.

Okay, here is a screenshot of the server

that is another error
on getting blank forms

@kiyimba, I don’t see the username and password being filled out? Could you show an entire screen that holds all of them?