Get numeric values from multiple questions

I am trying to get a value for a multiple question that contains 10 options and 6 correct answers and each one has a value of 1, at the end I have to add the total of that question, I don’t know how to do it, I have tried with the if function but no it has given me results. Thank you.

Welcome to the community, @carlosv! Maybe you could do it as outlined in the post discussed previously:

Thank you, you’re great. It works.

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Now I have a problem with this code, I need depending Sex and Age, if Sex="mujer’ and Age=8 then take the value of ${totalcyc} and put the value so:
if(${Sexo} = ‘mujer’,
if(${Edad} < 8,
if(${totalcyc} < 4.8, ‘Insuficiente’,
if(${totalcyc} >= 4.8 and ${totalcyc} <= 6.6, ‘En Progreso’,
if(${totalcyc} >= 6.7 and ${totalcyc} <= 7.3, ‘Suficiente’,
if(${totalcyc} > 7.3, ‘Excelente’, ‘’))))))
I put the code but is a mistake. Thank you