GPS coordinate feature doesn't work in Sierra Leone

Hi, we are using Kobotoolbox to do site assessment in Koidu, Sierra Leone and using GPS coordinates to map four points of an area that we are assessing with. However the survey we received from Koidu about GPS coordinates recorded four exactly same point when execute survey with correct method. We don’t know how to fix it. Do you have any idea why that happened?

Hi @GFuser,

Welcome to the community! Just for some clarifications, which question type (i.e. geopoint, geotrace or the geoshape) did you use while collecting the four points of an area while conducting your site assessment in Sierra Leone?

I use “area”, didn’t see all three you just mentioned.

Hi, I think I use geoshape!
Hi I wonder if it’s the device doesn’t have amazing GPS sensor so cuz that issue or there’s something I can do from XLSform (although I have no clear clue where to start now).
The use case is in Sierra Leone, the network is very poor so pretty much 99% time the form will be used in no internet connection, I guess it’s the problem of only get one coordinate?

Unfortunately you cannot be able to improve the ability of your device to collect GPS coordinates via coding on the XLS Form. There are other users who have used other android applications to increase their devices GPS connectivity. I suggest you try these apps; we recommend no specific one for this.


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Try which apps?

For my side i tried with GPS status & Toolbox. It takes time to locate satélites if i understand well so we use this app until the device located the satélite, then recording gps coordinate is very quick once it’s located.
But it takes us 10-15 min in the beginning of the day (during talking with local authorities)

But then i think any kind of gps tracking app would do the job


Thank you @Quentin, we will give it a try!