GPS Points showing incorrect location


I am a user of the kobotoolbox and kobocollect to collect household based data.

In the last two days, 6th and 7th July 2022, however, the gps data has been appearing in locations far from the anticipated location.

I am hence seeking your assistance on what could be leading to this appearance.

Welcome to the community, @pborona! You will also need to check the accuracy level at this point to see if the precision has deviated.

Hi Jan,

The accuracy level remains 4.2596 on average and has not deviated.


@pborona, the weather could also be an issue. The other factor could be the device you are using. The accuracy could deviate if you are using a cheap device that does not fully support GPS. However, let’s also hear from our community if there are other factors affecting this.

Hi Lam,

Very well. The points are in a relatively cold season. Perhaps the current conditions may be contributing.

Meanwhile, I welcome the community as well.

Hi @pborona! Other common reasons could be that the device is set to accept locations from network towers (rather than only GPS). Android allows using both as sources for location data which Collect then stores. So the tower could be quite far away from the actual location. I have also seen towers that have completely inaccurate locations stored, possibly because the network company set them up incorrectly or bought them from another provider in a different country.

In Android you can disable WiFi and network towers as location sources by going to Location > Location Mode > Device Only (depending on your device the menus options may be called slightly differently).

Check also this post.


Hi Tinok,

Sounds interesting, I will check whether location of towers could be contributing to the sudden location variation. I am imagining the devices could be relying on towers for indicating the location.

Definitely the android device settings will vary but I will also check this option, to verify the location source.

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Regarding my question on gps issues, i figured out it was actually an issue of map interpretation ( the hard copy). As such there was no issue with the gps values and location.



Thank you for sharing the solution with the entire community @pborona!