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The following kobotoolbox forum is explanatory and informational indeed.Even I have been also searching for this type of update.I want to include with it that I have been facing a problem regarding the GPS signal which is not found.I have tried out the troubleshooting procedures:

  1. Disabled the Mock Locations. Step 1: On my Samsung Android smartphone, gone to Settings > About Phone.
  2. Toggled Airplane mode on/off.
  3. Reset Location Settings.
  4. Restarted the Phone.
  5. Retested the Network Settings.
  6. Updated the Pokémon GO.
    Suggest us anything else we need to include regarding the garmin map updates free download 2019 for the perfect resolution.
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Hi @susan67,

Welcome to the community! Would you mind letting us know your problem in detail as your issue seems to be a bit confusing.

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I am experiencing the same problem: kobocollect 1.25.1 on an Android 9 (Sony Xperia XA2).

When using gpspoint in xlsforms o can’t register GPS points. I tried the same form in others Android versions and works well.

When i stated the same problem i meant i tried before even installing apps to check GPS data production and works well.

Please try to help me, i believe os the versión of the Android systems.


Hi @mauriciosedano,

Welcome to the community! Would you mind explaining us more about what you have mentioned in your post so that we are able to provide the best possible solution for your issue:

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