Guide update - Encrypting Forms

Can I suggest that the Encrypting Forms guide include a paragraph clarifying something that I have been tearing my hair out over for a couple of days.

I have been successfully developing forms and using KoboCollect to submit surveys to the non-humanitarian cloud server, but when I attempted to add encryption to the form, I was unable to upload the completed forms from KoboCollect. I tried a number of things in attempting to fix the issue, gleaned from various support pages, but stumbled across the solution by chance:

If the form is developed under one account, but then shared with a ‘surveyor’ account (in order to limit permissions), then the surveyor account will not be able to upload completed forms to the server unless the submission_url value is set to:<Dev user>/submission

Note that the user name referenced is that of the form originator, not the shared surveyor account.



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Hi @gdi_andy,

Welcome to the community! Yes, you got it correct. The submission_url is a mandatory column required while encrypting your data. Though the information is present in the image, somehow got missed from the write-up. Thanks for flagging it out! We shall update the article soon.

Have a great day!

Hi @Kal_Lam!

Thanks for confirming. I had appreciated that the submission_url is mandatory for enabling encryption as described here. What foxed me was that the user name in the URL has to be the user that deployed the form.

If designer creates and deploys a survey form, sharing it with collector, the submission_url of the form needs to be set to Specifying it as will result in an error on form upload from KoboCollect.




Hi @gdi_andy,

Thank you once again! We shall also describe what yourusername stands for so that users don’t get confused while designing survey forms and using the submission_url to encrypt a form.

Have a great day!