Having a user-understandable form ID

Hey everyone !

When you download an XLSForm the form ID is an automatically generated one rather than the meaningful one that the user might have defined in his XLS form.

I am using EXCEL 2013 & KOBO Humanitarian response.
An XLSForm export name can be : “aL9Q9ecbkQwUh6g84iAdLx”
A data export name can be “aFCuiTjrEgeaNwaEuQrdMh_ANALYSER_2017_11_14_09_24_15” (for the Kobo Analyser)

So you have a strange combination of numbers and letters rather than one that means something to the user.
Nevertheles, having a user-understandable form ID is really essential. It could simplificate the search of a file by example.

It should be ask to the user what form name he wants to give to the form when he creates it.

Thank you to think about it! :slight_smile: