Having issue with downloading data

Bonjour chers tous, j’ai également la meme erreur et impossible d’exporter le rapport.

Could you share with us the form, please.
And, can you watch the data in the table too?

I have ‘‘Sorry, new users can not upload attachments’’ when i want to share the xlsform with you

Hi @b7anco
You can try posting the requested image

I think so

Ci dessus une partie du survey

Est-ce que c’est la meme probleme comme l’autre que vouz avez resolue?

Oui les deux problèmes sont résolus. Je peux maintenant visualiser le rapport et le télécharger

Merci beaucoup pour la disponibilité


@b7anco, thank you for confirming! But would really appreciate if you could use a single post for a single issue so that the issues could be managed systematically in the community. Thank you for your kind understanding!

@Kal_Lam Ok thank you for your support

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