Having issues with Data Export

Hi, Kal

I had a similar problem. I had two ‘begin_repeat’, one of them has another begin_repeat nested. Originally, I deployed my survey with the same name for the two of them: roster, and without name in the nested begin_repeat:


After consulting this post, I renamed them as follows: roster1, roster1.1 and roster2 and redeployed the form; and I could export my data. But now my problem is that it worked just for the first 30 entries and for the lastests since I redeployed the form (about 15) from a total of 304 :frowning:

Any help would be useful. Thank you :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community, @geferreyraortiz! Could you also let us know the total number of redeployments your project had?

Hello @geferreyraortiz,
The duplicate “roster” name is automatically changed by KoBoToolbox to e.g. roster_001. You can see this when you download the form if there is a automatically added column $given_name (your original var name). You should NOT get such column, which always indicates an invalid naming problem…
Of course, any references are not automatically updated by KoBo… Often resulting in errors.

Best to avoid this problem: Always use the Online Validator before uploading and deploying a form. https://getodk.org/xlsform/. Even validating during step-by-step design of a form is preferable and will facilitate locating problems more easy.

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Hi Kal,
Until now I have 20, but some of them are repeated

Thank you! This is quite handy, it will save me trouble

The best idea to identify the issue would be comparing all those deployed xlsforms. I generally do the same to find the coding issues.