Having issues with Get Blank Form in KoBoCollect


I am getting the error below when downloading a new form via Kobo Collect, although I started with uploading the csv file as a media file before deploying the form. It downloads in ODK Collect fine though, does anyone have any suggestions?

Welcome back to the community, @Tumaini! Would you also mind letting us know the version of the KoBoCollect android app and the ODK Collect android app you are using?

Thanks @Kal_Lam ,

I am using KoboCOllect v1.30.1 and ODK Collect v2021.2.4. Hope this helps

So you are able to get it smoothly in ODK Collect but not in KoBoCollect?

Yes, it downloads on ODK Collect with no issues:

As a cross check would you mind validating your xlsform through this online validator to see if there are any syntax issues?

I have, there are no issues (warnings for groups with no labels though, not sure if this can be an issue?). Am attaching the files here

spm_farmers_external.csv (500.7 KB)
Household Survey 2020 - Pilot.xlsx (178.2 KB)

@Tumaini, when validating your xlsform through the online validator I could see some duplicates in your choices tab:

Image 0

Duplicates from your choices tab of your xlsform:

Fix this issue and you should be able to solve your issue.

Hi @Kal_Lam, my mistake, I sent you the 2020 version. Here is the correct version
Household Survey 2021 - Pilot.xlsx (443.6 KB)

OK, I now see this column header in the survey sheet:


Would you mind removing it? It should then resolve your issue.

No, that was not it @Kal_Lam … it seems I gave you the file AFTER already implementing my workaround. I originally had a choice-list of 10,000 beneficiaries in an external csv file (you can see the file I gave you has reverted to an internal choice list and not an external CSV file). The work around was to reduce the number of choices to approx 1,700 from the original 10,000.

My fault for sending you the file after implementing the workaround, but you can replicate the problem by changing the 2 references to select_one name in the survey tab to select_one_from_file spm_farmers_external.csv and use the external file which still has the original 10,000 farmers. Alternatively, this link has the original file Having problem with Get Blank Form