Hello, I have duplicated columns when I download an updated survey form

Here this,


Welcome to the community, @zinnweaung! Are you on the HHI (non-humanitarian) server? If yes, could you also share with me the exact steps you followed that led to this error message? If possible, please feel free to share also the xlsform so that we could test it at our ends.

Hi @zinnweaung thank you for reporting this issue. We are busy investigating :+1:

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Yes, I use a non-humanitarian server. I want to add a new one-choice list. And then, I again upload xlsform (Deploy v14). But not deploy. please help me

Hai, I am also facing the issue while uploading xlsx form, {valueerror:there are duplicates in the colunm name}. I have checked choice sheet {list_name and name columns}.

Note: This xls form has been deployed, downloaded that xls form and added some rows. Again i tried to deploy that xls form but i cant

Hi @santhosh_ganesan, @zinnweaung a fix has been deployed to address this. Thank you for your patience.

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Hi, I have been to this issue. Now I’m ok. There are 2 stage

not duplicate name in the name column
If you have $given_name in the row header, please remove the value

Thank you. successfully deployed the forms


Thank you.

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