Help needed to develop forms.

I need data collection forms designed that
can collect and analyze info collected. It needs
to be stored in own hosted server and configured
to be able to have a questionnaire ability that
sends reports to team leaders in real time or
offline in the field when a patient needs
treatment. It needs to be able collect and
store data in a database, it must have GPS
capability to show positive/negative patients
surveyed. It must be able to show a Gps
representation of all treated patients and their
location with a different colour indicator
representing whether there are patients who
have been successfully treated/still on
treatment/or those whom treatment has failed
to work . The patient progress reports on the
proportion of people screened/need screening
in totality to be in order to effect proper
treatment. Their progress must be monitored
through an analysis tool & reports printed out
.Information about the demographic surveyed
e.g. their gender, names, age, ID/Passport
details, time & date of every action including
those collected by field workers & team
leaders, the daily,weekly,monthly & annual
collection reports done by them the details of
their every action.
We will make use of Android enabled handsets
to collect data on the field, that will have real
time communication abilities e.g. when a
patient is being interviewed and they meet the
criteria for treatment from the questionnaire,
communication via the app or other means
must immediately be able to notify the team
leaders so as the appropriate treatment action
to take, the team leaders and Fieldworkers
action must be recorded (Logged) and
analyzed to show actions taken e.g. time &
date, age, name/surname. Gender race/
ethnicity, their address & contact details and
alternative address & contact details. The
same needs to apply to the team that does
work on the project in order to able to trace
everything and everything done on the whole