Hiding fields with no value in a form generated when HTTP request is received

I have a kobo form generated when HTTP request is received, I have listed all the fields I need from the parent form to display in the child form which are 48 (using instance function), and as I have a big number, I want to hide the fields that don’t have any values sometimes like (Specify other:) questions!
Would appreciate your support! Many thanks

Welcome to the community, @Nermin! Are you using the dynamic data attachment feature? Could you also outlined the process you are trying so that the community could also have a look at it and then help you out?

Hi @Kal_Lam , thank you!

so I have the main Kobo form that is linked to power automate (in REST services), in this form you can select some email addresses to refer to them, once this form is submitted (meaning HTTP request is received) the selected email addresses receive an email notification (where the child form link is attached in the email body)

I added the child form link in the JSON schema in my flow in Power automate!
and I linked dynamically the main form and child form in Kobo.

So my question is: Every time the main form is submitted, and you get the child form link in the email notification, there are fields/rows are displayed in the child form (for read only) with information from the main form, which are 48 rows (using instance function)
Sometimes not all the rows are filled like (Specify other:) questions!
so I want to hide these field/rows that don’t have any values sometimes but not sure how!

just adding here the formula I used in the child form to return information from the main form
in Calculation : instance(‘feedback_and_respo’)/root/data[group_intro/case_n = current()/…/r_case_n]/group_intro/date
(This will bring the date entered in the main form and same process for other 47 fields, but for example if the date was not entered I would still see the field with empty value and I want to hide it in case of no value)

Sorry it’s too long and hope it’s more clear now