Hiding Question

Hi, is there any way in enketo to hide previous question after user answer it?
Like for example entering an ID, so we can make sure they dont look at previous answer.
Thank You

Could you use the ‘multiple pages’ view, and put one ID entry question on one page, and the second ID entry on the next page?


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I see use this already, thank you ^^

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Hello @janna, @febyinka,
the data might still be visible in the navigation menu in Collect. And if move back is enabled in the settings (the default).

It is more a dynamic hide function or appearance which is not available, I think.

A workaround might be to set a relevant on the ID question activated by a value in the following question, even an extra acknowledge type question. The relevant would remove the ID value on save!
If the ID is needed to store internally this could be done before, into a hidden or calculate type with a calculation once( ${TheID} ).