HOST_ADDRESS on Local Deployment with Docker


I have a problem about setting the HOST_ADDRESS variable on envfile.local.txt

I would like to use KoboToolbox to collect data at the university by using smartphone. What I done, it’s to deploy Kobo-Docker on a computer in our lab. The computer has a static IP Adress

For this data collection, we created a NAT on a local IP Adress What I’m trying to do it’s to set the HOST_ADDRESS variable with so that everyone in the lab, any computer could access to KoboToolbox using this address and the public IP Address associated to allow teachers/lecturers to access to KoboToolbox deployed in the lab.

But When I set the variable HOST_ADDRESS to, I can’t access to KoboToolbox. I access to KoboToolbox only by setting HOST_ADDRESS to or and just to the local computer where KoboToolbox it’s deployed because It’s like others computers in the network don’t reach it.

How to solve the problem ? Am I doing wrong somewhere please ?