How can I return a data or questionnaire that is not well filled by enumerator using KoBoToolbox?

Hello Sir,

I have followed the steps a you mentioned in the thread but my team member gets an error message attached;

The link should only work once, i.e. if your team sends a correction through the link you shared, it should only work once. If your team needs to make a second edit, you should send another link to the team.

I understood the part of “one link for one editing and submission” but a thing is the first time I send a link to a team member he got the error message I sent to you.

Will you request you team to make edits immediately once you share the edit link (i.e. don’t let the edit URL expire before your team edits) and see if your team is able to edit the submission successfully.

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It didn’t work, i make sure the moment I shared he makes changes immediately.

Hi @noni
Could please share the form with yourself and see if it works?

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Once i open it into my browser it works but it doesn’t the moment i try to open it once sent it to my team. I don’t know if I made it clear the last part of the sentence

Hi Noni,
Ensure that this is not within your browser when you send it. You should close the browser window with the form so that it is only opened on one end.


Mmmh, this is tricky how can I obtain a link then?

@stephanealoo If I refer to the instructions given by @Kal_Lam,it says I have to click the pen-like symbol then copy the link from the window that will open and sent to my team. Did I miss something here?

Can you send me a link to the form on private message I try it on my end?

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