How do i customize my Custom Reports?

After collecting data the report part shows graph and tabular summary data (Value, Frequency, Percentage).

  1. I want custom report without graph, only summary tables.
  2. I want selected tables (not all tables/questions) in the report
  3. I want specific graph/table (to export or print)

Is it possible?

Many thanks in advance.

Hi @ahsanmani,

Have you gone through our support article VIEWING AND CREATING CUSTOM REPORTS. It should solve your issue related to query 2 and query 3.

Regarding query 1:

This is not possible at the moment. However you could create a new post in our Suggestion Box here so that it may come up in the upcoming days. But please try to explain in detail when making a post in the Suggestion Box so that our developers clearly understand your requirement.

Have a great day!

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Many thanks for the reply (you do this always :))

I shall create a new post in Suggestion Box for custom report without graph, only summary tables