How do we compare 2 variables?

I have different forms “a, b, c” which carry the same fields only that each one is displayed when chosen can I use the same fields for different forms? or you can assign a dynamic variable in the name column.
attached form in which I use the same fields for different forms, what I want to achieve is that both occupy the same fields but that when sending the data you know which of the two forms are relatedejemplo.xlsx (17.2 KB)

Seems like you have 2 variables (say variable_a and variable_b). Here variable_a has 2 options say 1 ‘Yes’ and 2 ‘No’ and variable_b too has the same options 1 ‘Yes’ and 2 ‘No’. Now I see that you wish to compare variable_a and variable_b to see if they have the same response? You have tried using the following approach:


This should be OK if you are dealing with an integer question type. But as you have a select_one question type if you will to do it a bit differently.

Maybe you could do it as follows (using the choice response):

Condition 1:

${variable_a}=‘1’ and ${variable_b}=‘1’

Condition 2:

${variable_a}=‘2’ and ${variable_b}=‘2’