How do we determine the loops/repeat group question?

Can you share with me how to determine the loop/repeat group. Eg. I ask the number of househodl member: eg they have 4 member, then I would the loop only repeat 3 more times only plus the default one is 4 times (click only 3 more time on the “+” sign. OR if it is possible that all the 4 repeat group must apread strait away and no need to click the “+” sign?

Also, can I make to map show in tablet? instead of just GPS point? it work in laptop, but not in tablet. Becuase the map will show the second enumerator who will do the second visit.
Many thanks in advance!

Hi @sengkrisna,

Please see the forum post that has been discussed earlier. It should answer your concern on how to determine the loops/repeat groups:

For more support on repeat group please see the support article here.

Regarding your second concern, could you explain a bit as it seems a bit unclear.

Although the Kobo formbuilder doesn’t expose it, XLSForm supports a repeat_count option to specify the actual number of repeats, which can either be a constant, integer question, or even the result of a calculation.

In your case, I would suggest having your first question ask the number of household members, and then use this to specify the number of repeat iterations; the user wont have to keep hitting ‘+’.

Have a play around with this form in XLSForm Online:

repeatcount.xls (24.5 KB)

As noted, AFAIK the repeat_count option isnt exposed in Kobo yet [@jnm are there plans to?], so you’ll have to open your form in Excel and add it manually.

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Hi Xiphware,
here is the example: I want the group repeat according to the Q9, eg if Q9=4, I would like it show imediately 4 group repeat, OR only allow to add 3 more times. check my Xls form here, and the picture.

Many thank in advance

aDKZpiBY4YmK77Fz6TcMoY.xls (170.5 KB)

I’m not sure exactly what you need, but you could also use a repeat_count calculation based on Q9, eg:

if(${Q9}=4, 4, 3)

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Sorry, perhaps I did not make myself clear! in above example Q9 is asking the number of household members,
then Q10-Q13 is the repeat question that need to have for every single members. But in the group repeat instead of unlimit add, to cut down error, can KOBO link the group repeat base on the value of Q9? please use my xls form attached above to give me example?

Many thansk

Looking at your query

You seem not to have clearly read what had been initially replied by @Xiphware which is below

If you follow the instructions clearly, this should fully solve your issue.


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