How to build a form with overlapping columns and rows

Halo everyone, I have a question that I am hoping one of you will be able to help with. I would like to build a form with a matrix that has overlapping rows and columns like in this attachment

. I have tried groupings and using a combination of appearance settings (i.e. horizontal-compact, horizontal, etc) but it’s not working. Would appreciate the help, thanks.

Welcome to the community, @scar_nam! You could do this by keeping the row name and column name unique, while you could have the labels as your wish (where you could have overlapping row names or column names as needed).

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@Kal_Lam, thanks for the quick response. But I am not sure I completely understand your suggestion. What do you mean by keeping the row and column names unique? How can I keep the column names unique? I tried creating the table by grouping the rows and tried adjusting the width of the columns to create the overlap, but couldn’t make it work.

To understand this, could you follow the steps as outlined below:

  • Create a sample matrix question.
  • Download the same as XLSForm.
  • Share the screenshot of the survey tab of your matrix question. (There you should be able to see the column name name. This is the unique name of the column and the row in a matrix question.)