How to connect kobo forms with apk wordpress website

Hii everyone,
I want to connect KoboToolbob forms with my WordPress. Can you please give easy steps to do?

Welcome to the community, @goappsplay! Maybe this post discussed previously should help you?

Thank You.

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Hello Everyone.
Kobol is an open source tool and surveys that can be used for data collection. If you want to connect Kobo forms with a WordPress website, you can do so using the Kobo API and WordPress plugin.

  1. Install the Kobo API plugin: The Kobo API plugin is available in the WordPress plugin repository. Install and activate it on your WordPress website.
  2. Obtain your Kobo API key: Log in to your Kobo account and go to the account settings page. Click on the “Token” tab to view your API key.
  3. Configure the Kobo API plugin: In the WordPress dashboard, go to the Kobo API settings page and enter your Kobo API key. Save the settings.
  4. Create a new form in Kobo: Create a new form or survey in Kobo and configure the questions and options as desired.
  5. Publish the form: Once you have created the form, publish it on the Kobo website.
  6. Embed the form on your WordPress website: In the WordPress editor, create a new page or post and use the Kobo API shortcode to embed the form. The shortcode is [kobo-form form-id=“12345”], where “12345” is the ID of the form you want to embed.
  7. Preview and test the form: Preview the page or post on your website to ensure that the Kobo form is displayed correctly. Test the form to make sure that it is working as expected.

I hope It will help you to connect kobo forms with Apk Website. Feel free to contact me for more detailed!

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Thank you for the helpful information. I managed to connect Kobo Forms with my WordPress website, so now I can display the forms smoothly. This means that people can easily fill out the forms on my website, and the responses will be automatically saved in my Kobo Toolbox account for analysis and processing.

I’m also wondering if there’s a way to track the number of male and female visitors to my website.