How to create cascading In Dynamic link

Dear Kobo forum! I just see, Koko toolbox released new function which called Dynamic link. i read the article that i attached with Dynamic link. I think that Dynamac link function enable me to make cascading whil we used to make it csv file then upload attached file.
for my question, does dynamic link enable us make cascading by use mother as main form for update cascading targets and use child form is the form link from mother form. and in child form we enable use data from mother form with single selection by level Ex: Province filter then District filter then commune fileter till to village. but for child form i did not make it as cascading field because i am not sure to make cascading field in child form
.please kindly check my picture attach

@ncdd, why would you need a cascading select feature when the system already is able to extract what is available in the parent project?

Dear @Kal_Lam , do not want to use muanual method for update csv file then use pulldata fucntion from csv file. My case due to target of cascading aslways update, so, i want to make automatic update cascading selection when i have a new cascading into mother then child form will update the new cascading selection target.
if you have any method to update cascading of selection in automatically and enable share data to child form, can you help share the articale?