How to disable ascending order for rows in matrix question?

HOW to disable ascending order for rows in metrix question , the first row supposed to be head, but because of ascendinng order the starting row Director

Hi @adminpro
Could you please provide a more detailed example of what you are explaining? A screenshot of the issue would do.


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okay so i created the form and added every row i needed,
the below image is the way i wanted it to be.

but when previewed it this evening i found that it is in desorder i don’t know why

This issue and the one you raised on a similar matrix question are related. Kindly follow the response provided in the other ticket.

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@adminpro, what do you see when you use Enketo to collect your data? Do you still see the jumble?

Yes , so i was thinking, nothing can be changed on server side or application side to accomodated 660 questions ?

@adminpro, is this post related to loading error or matrix jumble? Could you kindly be specific to one so that we could manage issues systematically in the community for future reference for those having similar issues?

no, it is a different case.

Seems like you are putting 2 issues in the same post:

  1. Jumble order of matrix list
  2. 600 questions (loading error)

okay i have noticed that , i will correct

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