How to download a blank survey forms in KoBoCollect android app when there is no internet connectivity?

Hello due to the current situation in Sudan, internet is almost completely down, just after we had designed a Kobo questionnaire.
How can we put these forms on a couple of Android phones and tablets who can’t connect to Wifi or the regular internet? And can we upload the results also alternatively to 1 computer (that sometimes has a little bit of internet)?

Would be of great help to get our work started.

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You can download the questionnaire in XML format. Then you can connect your mobile phone with the phone cable and look for the ODK’s folder. Inside, will be differents folders (forms, instance, metadata). You have to copy the XML archive in FORMS.

After, when you has collected the information you have to take the information out of the INSTANCE folder and use KoboSync programm to create the database with the completes questionnaires.

I hope I can help you because my english is not the best… :slight_smile: