How to enable others to know who has responded to the survey

I am collecting data via surveys. The charities are the ones sharing the surveys to their beneficiaries after every session. However they are not supposed to get the data that the beneficiaries inputted.

I need to enable them to see who have responded real time (but not the underlying data that their beneficiaries inputted) so that they can help to follow up with those that have yet filled in the surveys.

Currently it seems that i cannot enable them to see this information real time. I only get to retrieve data and inform them when they tell me they have done certain sessions and this has caused many potential data to be lost.

Is there anyone with a solution to this problem?

Thank you

Hi @soristic,

Welcome to the community! KoBoToolbox at the moment does not support the feature you are requesting for. However you could solve this by a workaround that has been discussed previously and should be helpful for you:

Have a great day!

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