How to go back to overview of groups after completing a group


I am using KoboToolbox for the first time and in general I find it quit intuitive and easy to use.
I have made several questionnaires with multiple, repeating groups. After completing a group however, the questionnaire asks If I want to repeat the group (Y/N). If I say yes, I can fill in the same group again, If I say no, the questionnaire automatically starts with the next group of questions.

Because my fieldwork has no specific order I need to be able to switch easily from group A to for example group C without having to complete group B. What I would like is that the questionnaire switches back to the main overview of all the groups after completing a group of questions. Now I have to do that by always clicking on the ‘up’ arrow on the upper right corner, which is tedious as my questionnaire as several different layers.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Welcome @vincentsmets,
there is no other option than the navigation menu and the options: back and go to beginning or end of the form.

Going to beginning (or end) and opening the navigation menu from there might facilitate your work as being then on an upper level, depending on your form structure this would be the top level (for ex. if you have an initial or ending note outside any grouping).

Another option might be to use the pages style (Enketo) and/or the field_list appearance option to get several (or even all questions) on a scrollable screen.


Thank you @wroos for the answer. I will use one of the workarounds you propose.

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As a follow-up from my previous question. When editing forms on my desktop there is a button ‘expand/collapse questions’, which does exactly what I need when completing questions on my tablet or phone. Is it possible to integrate this button on the mobile application KoboCollect ?

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Hello @vincentsmets,

But you probably know the feature of the navigation menu, which can be used as workaround.

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@wroos thanks for the reply. I’ll keep using the navigation button then.

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