How to pull data from a CSV file using both barcode and text code in one form as possible options

I am creating a survey in ODK to register training participants by pulling data from a csv file. I have created a Csv file with all participants data including unique Ids. my problem is that I would like the enumerator to have option to register the participants using a barcode for the participants having the ID cards, as well as a text code for those participants that might not be having their IDs but they know their ID number. but it seems impossible pull data through the same unique id column twice as this would mean having same field name in 2 fields

Welcome to the community, @Ekonia! You seem to be trying to use two different functions through the same question type (which could be an issue). The barcode question type has a barcode question, while the text question has a text question. So it may not be possible to use a text question type for the barcode question type and vice versa. Maybe you could have two questions with an option of if one question is empty, use the other question as a backup. Both questions should not be empty (or flag an error message).