How to pull data from previously submitted form

I am doing a survey which has two forms, 1. Household and 2. Individual.
I n household form we collect household members and their details and in individual form we collect the information from any one individual about them.
We intend to collect the data in two forms separately.
After completing the household form we go for individual form. What I want is to call all family members by using the Household id into the Individual form and then select one individual and then interview him or her.

Thank You

You could do this using the pull data function as outlined in the support article Pull Data Functionality in KoBoToolbox. Maybe this post discussed previously should help you better understand the concept:

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Hi Kal_lam,

I don’t have the CVS file or respondent names file so that I can upload that form in advance and use pull data function.

My requirement is first I will finish the household form separately and then I will interview one individual from the household. I want to pull data from finished household form.

Do you mean you wish to pull the data from a household roster and then continue the survey for an individual interview?

Yes, but the household roaster is separate form and Individual interview is separate form.

Maybe in this case, you will need to code the household and it’s members with a unique identifier and then use those codes in the individual interview to signify the household. After completion of your survey you will need to merge them manually.

So there is no way of extracting/pulling data from previously submitted form into the current form.

Must say no! Unless you maintain them as a separate csv file.