How to recover data from previous form versions?

Hi everyone I need your help with to solve my issue.

In January we build and started to use a form with more than 700 questions and by now we have almost 200 submissions. A few days ago when I was checking our progress, I exported the data I saw that 1 question has always the same answer, even when I know we select different choice from the form. It was no possible that every form has the same answer in that question… After a few days trying to find the error Ive just noticed that I made a mistake when I build the form from XLS, because in that single question (select_one type) I used the same “name” id for every single choice. The label was different, but the name Id was the same. I know that if I change the “name” ID the problem will be fixed for the next forms, but im really worried because I need to recover the original data with the correct answer. Is there any chance to do it? I´m worried because I dont have access anymore to the people who answered me that question 200 times.

Hope somebody can help me.

Welcome to the community, @Ruben23! Maybe this support article Recovering Data From Previous Form Versions should help you solve your issue.