How to restore deleted form?

i would like to get your help about this issue, i deleted a form accidentally and i don,t know how to restore so if some one can help me.

I have the same issue,I just deleted some forms in my kobo server. is it possible to recover them ??

Thanks for your help

Hi @Simon1234,

Welcome to the community! Would apologize to inform you that unfortunately KoBoToolbox at the moment does not support retrieving a forms that has been deleted.


Thanks for your answer. I still have the deleted forms in my phone, in ODK Collect. Do you know if it’s possible to send them again ?

Hi @Simon1234
Did you delete the project or you deleted submitted forms in the project?

  1. If Project- Please note that as indicated before, there is no way to recover them



I delete the form.

Thanks for the help

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