How to switch OFF the webform and accept ONLY app submission?

How do we prevent users accessing the webform version ( they have the link but are misusing it) and enforce ONLY using the collect app for submitting data?

Hi @Shanemartindale,

Welcome to the community! At present there is no KoBoToolbox feature that could address your issue directly. However you could do the same by making the following workaround:

  1. Change the KoBoToolbox User Account Password.
  2. Check the Require authentication to see forms and submit data under the ACCOUNTS SETTINGS.

Once you have made these two changes (within your accounts settings), the user having the link could fill the data in the web-form (Enketo) but should not be able to submit the data. To submit the data, the user is asked to Login first as shown in the image below:


The same applies while trying to fill in the survey form through KoBoCollect (android app). Though the user is able to fill the survey form, s/he is not able to submit the filled up form. S/he will be requested to change the Login Credentials first as shown in the image below (which s/he will not be able to):

con la interface de kobocat, podia cerrar el formulario para nuevos envios, como lo hago con la nueva interface?

Could you kindly simplify your issue so that we could have a look if we could help you out.