How to track the media location to add a csv file directly in the Collect android app


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Steps to Reproduce

  1. …Install KoboCollect v1.29.3 from play store
  2. …Save CSV files in ODK folder

Expected behavior

ODK folder will be created automatically

Actual behavior

ODK folder not found in phone and couldn’t save csv files to get prefilled data

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    ODK folder issue

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Welcome to the community @libtech_2020! Could you kindly simplify your issue so that we could have a look at it.

We used to save csv files in ODK folder which is created automatically when download kobocollect v1.28.0 and there was no issue with that version.Unfortunately problem starts with the app when it is updated to new version like " kobocollect v.29.3 " i.e ODK folder is not found in phone storage.
Thank you

ODK folder is not created in my device after new version of kobocollect is installed in my device.

Have you checked this out with the ODK Collect android app?

Yes but not getting an ODK folder.We have developed an app in kobocollect not in ODK collect

@libtech_2020, the path may change with the device model but i could trace it in my Samsung device here:

Phone\Android\data\\files\forms\Pull Data for Dates xls-media

Here, i had a survey project named Pull Data for Dates.xls so i had to create a folder named Pull Data for Dates xls-media manually. Inside this folder i pasted my csv file and it worked (i.e. i could link my csv data with the survey project without any issue.

The best and easy option to track this path would be as follows:

  • Create a survey project that requires a csv file.
  • Upload and deploy the same.
  • Then press Get Blank Form in your KoBoCollect android app.
  • There you should be able to get both your survey form as well as the csv file.
  • Now open your internal storage and trace for the survey project. You should be able to find it in the path similar to the one i shared above.
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Thank you very much sir.The above said path helped me a lot in getting pull data .

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Glad to know it worked out for you.