How to update data in cascading select question

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    I've one cascading select question in my survey form which is already deployed (Center location, batch code, Trainer name, Trainee name) . Now i want to add new center location,new batch code, new trainer name and trainee names to the already deployed form then how can I do it.  I have 10 center locations,10 batch codes, 10 trainer names and more than 100 trainee names . It will be a cumbersome task to upload this data manually. Is there any other way to upload huge data? Please let me know.

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When working on cascade select, you must be able to change the options for it to work. as you need. As it is cascading select does not get uploaded as a CSV so you may want to work with it as it is. The best way to update a cascade select is to edit the form in XLS version. This way you are able to address the changes needed. Kindly note that when changing cascade select you should avoid making changes to previous options since that affects how your data will look like.