How to validate entries chronologically

Please how will I set my form to ensure that entries are numbered chronologically. For instance I want to enter questionnaire ID such that I do not duplicate the IDs.

Just to be clear, is your requirement they just be in chronological order? (in which can you could conceivably just use decimal-date-time(now()))
Or do they need to be a number in strict ascending order, eg 1,2,3…? (this is hard)
Or is simply having a distinct non-duplicate ID sufficient? (in which case you could use uuid())

Note, other than uuid() [which for all practical purposes will truly be unique in your lifetime], any of these other mechanisms can fundamentally only guarantee uniqueness for forms submitted from the same device. The same form submitted from different devices could conceivably have the same timestamp (aka decimal-date-time) and most certainly will duplicate a 1,2,3 numbering scheme.