Html link to kobo collect form

I’ve a web page with a list of forms, i would want that users with their android browser looking that page could click on forms lists item and get kobo collect open, form name on my web page and get kobo collect open ideally into the forms android activity, is it possible ?

Do you mean you wish to have the survey link linked to your web page?

yes, but open the link with kobo collect android app, with whatsapp when you click on a web link, on the browser, chrome or another one, whatsapp android app is opened, i think that maybe it is possible to get kobo collect opened when doing click on the link in the android web browser
We need to monitor a lot of activites, 127 activites, and for this we have 14 kobo forms, in a web interface humanitariian workers can search for the activity and get the name of the kobo form to use for this activity, it would be great for us if they could just do click on the web page and get kobocollect open