Humanitarian server not working

Humanitarian Sever not responding… 504 Gateway Time-out

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Thank you for letting us know. Our team is on it. It should be resolved shortly!

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Thank you. Highly appreciated

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We are having the same issue.

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The same problem still persist as of 12:50 (GMT+2)

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The server is working but survey links are not working. Also in Forms tab you cannot open the deployed forms at the moment.

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Still we can not send forms from kobocollect to humanitarian server

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Thank you @Kal_Lam.
Appreciate it.

Server still not working. We are getting 504 Gateway Time-out trouble.

Hi @gndichu, @aamra, @mcaglidil, @DoMin0it, @annh, @emreozkan90

Thank you for your patience. Kindly please be informed that the server is back and should be able to work smoothly with your OCHA account.

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we still have error in sending forms from collect to humanitarian server. General exception error in most of my enumerators

Hi @DoMin0it,

Are you still facing the issue?

Hello Everyone,

Today I’m receiving and Error 500. Herein find a screenshot.

Thank you in advance


Same !

Will get back to you when we resolve this issue.

@DoMin0it, @osaumet, @sleroux please be informed that the OCHA server is back and is functioning normally.