I am getting a server error 500 when trying to deploy a project

@Kal_Lam : I am facing the same issue. I am getting a server error 500. I have validated the form on the online validator as well. If I try to redeploy an older project, it works, but uploading a new project (tried several forms, from prior projects as well) and it simply doesn’t work.
I wonder what is going wrong. Can you assist?

@tasneem_kakal, do you see any error messages when validating your XLSForm through the online validator?

Hi there, thanks for the swift response! There are no error messages.

Hi @Kal_Lam : Okay so I just tried something. I downloaded the xls form from an older project which I had deployed and successfully completed. I changed the format of the new project xls form to mimic the downloaded form of my older project (I had to change the sequence of the columns for instance, change the ‘yes’ in the required column to ‘true’). Note that the xls form I downloaded of the older project differs from the form I had uploaded for that project (I don’t know why/how). Now it successfully deployed. Quite strange. I haven’t used Kobo in about 4 years, so I am not sure if there were some updates which I missed (on the format of the form etc.)

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Thank you for sharing the solution with the entire community, @tasneem_kakal! :tada:

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