I can no longer get my form after changing user name

hi I need Help
i can no longer get me form since i changed my username. please help me. error 4040!

Hi @TeamProject,

Welcome to the community! Seems like you are having problem with GETTING BLANK FORM in your KoBoCollect mobile app after changing your username. Could you let us know if you were able to login to your KoBoToolbox user account after you changed your username.

Yes, i could loging to my account after , the change of user name.

i also able to use the option get blank form, where i could see my project. but while I click get selected, i will see Error ; not found 404 at https://

Confirm if you redeployed your form after the change of user name. If not kindly redeploy the same and reconnect the phones afreah to see if this resolves.


Yes. I did that but the problem continue, Is it possible also to deploy a form you have already shared and recived response from. What could be the danger


Old was ray47

new is TeamProject

This is caused by the username switch. Unfortunately once an account has been registered, switching usernames causes issues with KoBo’s backend code and server. I am sending a private message to help you reset your username back to the original.


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Ok, please send. to my email?

or here?

thank you for your assistance

Ok please do

Hi @TeamProject your username should be changed back to the original one now. Please try to see if your able to access your forms again.

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it seems I have the same problem
I may have made a change to my registration recently
I can also not see any of my forms to “Get Blank Form”
Please advise
Thank you in advance

Hi @mike.destaubin,
I have the same issue in my own kobotoolbox instance.
How can I solve this problem ?
Thanks you for your reply.

Hi @jdugh,

Welcome to the community! Could you let us know if you are using OCHA/HHI/Self-hosted server where you are facing this issue!

Have a great day!

Thank’s for your welcome and your reponse.
I facing this issue on my self-hosted server (With github version on Oct 22, 2019)

Thank. I am so sorry, I think I got the wrong post, my issue is not exactly the same (Is how i change a username).