I cant download over 70% of the data it is missing questions

i ma facing a simial problem, i cant download over 70% of the data it is missing questions

all questions after the grouped data are not being downloaded. Please help

@nicorll, could you share with us a screenshot of the missing data? That should be helpful.

False alarm dear community, was using a mobile device so the excel file did not display all data, but on the laptop it was. Again I appreciate the quick response. Thank you.

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Thank you for sharing the solution with the entire community, @nicorll!

Happy to hear that you were able to figure out the issue! But unfortunately, we’re in a similar situation with not being able to see our data. Please advise! I just checked out the app, and it looks like all of our questions are showing up on there. And I just got confirmation that the trainers administering the surveys are completing all of the questions, so we assume there is a glitch in the system. @Kal_Lam I’ve emailed you some screenshots of the missing data.

I appreciate any help you can provide.

Welcome back to the community, @farmstew! Would you mind sharing with us the screenshots here so that the entire community would benefit from the discussion?

Thank you! Please see the attached.

@farmstew, could you share with me the following information through a private message?

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server

If you do not know how to send me a private message, you could have a look at this post discussed previously. It should show you how to send a private message:

@farmstew, could you let us know the variable name for which we should check (for the missing data)? That should be helpful to troubleshoot.

The variable names that you should check for in the FS-UG survey are:

‘family name’
‘F. Do you have a garden growing three types of vegetables?’
‘S. Does this home have a rubbish pit?’
‘S.Does this home have a clean and private latrine’
‘W. Does this home have a tippy tap, handwashing stations with water and soap/ash?’
‘A. Does anyone in the home engage in a social club or a faith-based group on a weekly basis?’
‘R. Does the family have a compost pile or pit that is free of rubbish?’
‘How many times has this home been certified?’
‘What is the biggest challenge that you’ve faced so far?’, ‘What is being done in your household (or by the community) about this challenge?’

The variable names that you should check for in the FS-SS survey are:

‘family name’
‘F. Garden with three kinds of fruits or vegetables’
‘Feet of those children listed above. Do any of them have…’
‘S. Rubbish pit’
‘S. Latrine: clean and private’
‘W.Tippy Tap, handwashing station with water and soap/ash?’
‘A. Social club or faith-based group’
‘T. Alcohol/drugs consumption’
‘E. Engage in a savings club or produce something to sell’
‘What are you doing to prevent from getting COVID?..’
‘How many times has this home been certified?’
‘Compost Pile Photo’
‘Garden Photo’
‘Rubbish Pit Photo’
‘Tippy Tap Photo’
‘Latrine Photo’
‘Family with Trainer Photo’
'Child(ren)‘s MUAC Score Photo’

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@farmstew, a quick check before we dive in; were these variables added later on and then redeployed?

Yes, some of them were.

Can we chat about this now? The teams that I work with have urgent needs regarding this.


@farmstew, when you add variables to your form (later) and then redeploy you may see some missing values in it. This has been explained in detail in our post discussed previously:

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