I would like to know how to upload data that is used to validate data entered


I am working on a checklist that validates the quantity of medicines being resupplied to health facilities. I would like to know how to enter the expected quantity of the medicine which will in turn be compared with the quantity entered at the health facility when the supply is done.



@jt_smith, would you mind sharing with the community a sample of how it should look especially the questions you intend to design and its flow?

I’ll do my best. Below is a sample screenshot of what I need

This is a form to reconcile quantities of medicines supplied to a hospital. When the 3rd Party Logistics service providers deliver medicine at a hospital, the receiving healthcare worker validates what is delivered with the quantities written on the delivery note.


In the screenshot, I sent:
Option “a” is asking for the quantity of medicine delivered. This is entered by the healthcare worker.
Option “b” would have been already loaded onto the Kobocolleck checklist
Option “c” will have a formula to calculate the variance between what was expected and what was received.

I would like to know how to do the option b.

I hope this provides more clarity.


@jt_smith, OK, it seems like this should be possible if you try fitting in through the dynamic data attachment feature (shared in this support article):