If logical calculation error

Please assist me resolve the below error using this link: https://kobo.humanitarianresponse.info/#/forms/aJSLphWWgdTRMZjPbGBNWH

  • FormLogicError: Could not evaluate: if( /model/instance[1]/aJSLphWWgdTRMZjPbGBNWH/q1 >=12.5,‘Normal’,if( /model/instance[1]/aJSLphWWgdTRMZjPbGBNWH/q1 >=11.5,‘MAM’,if( /model/instance[1]/aJSLphWWgdTRMZjPbGBNWH/q1 <=11.4,‘SAM’))), message: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘t’)

@dooyum_19092022, would you mind validating your XLSForm through this online validator to see if you can trace the syntax issues?

It seems there is the false clause missing in your last if expression.

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