If this problem persists, contact help@kobotoolbox.org


I hope this message finds you well,

We hereby contact you for the following purpose: Since yesterday, we noticed we cannot redeploy an updated version of a questionnaire that we are using for several months for now (without any error message in it). We receive the message ‘unable to deploy’ if this problem persists please contact help@kobotoolbox.org”. I am attaching to this message, the modified version of the questionnaire we would like to deploy on the server. We checked potential errors in the questionnaire on ODK - XLSForm Online v2.x but no errors have been detected.

Welcome to the community, @lorenz! How long is your survey form? I mean, how many questions does your survey form have?

we have 330 questions

As a quick check, would you mind removing the relevant column header that holds the expressions to see if you should be able to deploy your XLSForm without any issue (after removing it)? Please keep a backup of your original XLSForm while testing the method mentioned above.