Impossibility to insert a long list of elements in the cascading list


I wanted to select a list of 2814 elements to paste in the cascading sheet but the kobotoolbox automatically limited the elements to 118 only. What is the problem?

You may do this with Excel in the choices sheet of your XLSForm. (You can download your form, if you worked with the Formbuilder. And upload it afterwards.)

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@Nzisabira, could you share the sample XLSForm that holds your 2814 choices? You could only share the relevant part of the XLSForm so that we could test it on our end.

Dear Kal-Lam,

Here is attached the list of the 2814 choices I used, with anticipated thanks.

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@Nzisabira, could you also share a screenshot of the missing choices from your formbuilder? In addition, could you also share with us the extracts of the XLSForm that you built which holds the 2814 choices? Seems like you are sharing with us the choices that is not linked to any questions from the survey sheet.

Here is the screenshot attached

Can you please show me how to build a table as per the screenshot attached?


@Nzisabira find anyway to do it?

@Nzisabira, i asked @osmanburcu and thanks to him he did explain a way to do it.

  1. Change the form style to Grid theme.
  2. Go to question options and change the appearance (Advanced) settings to “Other”. A textbox will appear on the right side where you can write “w1 horizontal”.
  3. Repeat step 2 for each question.

Note: There are options from “w1 horizontal” to “w6 horizontal”, choose the one you prefer.