Improving and setting GPS accuracy level

We are currently taking surveys in Colombia but our GPS readings (of multiple diverse phones and tablets) are off by 1000’s of meters and thus unusable.
Strange thing is that a colleague has an app on his phone which shows a very accurate GPS reading while in the field while at the same location the Kobo GPS gives an extremely rough reading.
Any suggestions how to improve this?

Hi Harm,
Normally GPS accuracy is dependent on a lot of factors. What the data collection team capture is what will be recorded as the GPS coordinate and its accuracy. There are various third party applications for improving accuracy. You can also check on the steps discussed in a different article TAP LINK TO SEE.

Despite the process of improving accuracy, a data collector may pick the GPS coordinate before a higher level of accuracy has been achieved. To prevent this I normally recommend that you define the level of accuracy using the constraints you need.


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