Incorrect Image Media Displayed when using KoBoCollect

Hi community. We have an ongoing project in which one of the questions is a select_multiple with image media attachments for each option, excluding the OTHERS and NONE choices. However, when we tried to run it using KoBoCollect, these OTHERS and NONE options displayed images. Here are some screenshots for reference.


Hello @hm11,
Could you provide more details, please, incl. a screenshot of the Collect form screen and a related extract of the questionnaire…

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hi @wroos , here are the screenshots for your reference

xlsform - survey question

xlsform - choice sheet

kobocollect display



Thanks! To better locate this strange issue;

  • Did you change the reployed form concerning this part?
  • Is it the same problem with Enketo?
  • Which choice items do these images belong to? (Position in list)?
  • Did you check the form with the Online validator (no duplicates)?
  • Can you reproduce the problem if you clone and deploy the form (incl. upload the images)?
  • Can you reproduce the problem if you start from zero with KoBoCollect on another (empty) device (download/install and get the form)?
  • Could you provide the related extract of the XForm (xml donload)?
  • Could you try with ODK Collect?
    Kind regards
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hi @wroos , we used the same xlsform for our first two phases of the project but we only encountered this error n0w. no, it is just in KoBoCollect, it works fine with Enketo and we already checked the form with online validator. the images belong to the other choice items. have not tried it yet with ODKCollect

Hi @hm11

Incl. the complete related choices list, please.