Index-repeat error

Good evening, I am having trouble with repeat groups, and use the index-repeat function

Can you solve the problem?
The equation must be placed on Row 522
Ayaz.xlsx (125.4 KB)

I am having some trouble really trying to understand what you were trying to do here. Could you please provide some logical explanation on what you were trying to achieve?


Thank you @stephanealoo

There are four options in the question " Classification Type" and this question inside the repeat group named " photograph_repeatable_element".
outside the repeat group. There are Group named “km_and_pm_section” and it will be visible when option “Deviation” or “Observed but Not Reported” is selected in Question " Classification Type"
All those questions inside another the repeated group.
When I repeated the group " photograph_repeatable_element" for several times this error appears.

Can you explain what you mean by this

This group " photograph_repeatable_element" is for each Element, and I have many Element to add, and for each Element, I must select one of Four option in Question " Classification Type" and if I selected option “Deviation” or “Observed but Not Reported” in Question " Classification Type", there is a group named “km_and_pm_section” outside the repeated group will appear.
The group “km_and_pm_section” depends on the value of the " Classification Type" at each time Element group repeated.

Did you notice you put your calculate command on the group definition

What was your implementation logic?

In row 502 Question “Phase” this question appears when the option “Document” selected in Question “Classification Type”
The same thing I want, but this time I want a group of questions “km_and_pm_section” to appear when option “Deviation” or “Observed but Not Reported” in Question " Classification Type"
but this group located outside of the repeated group.